One thought on “Solving Beijing’s “Traffic & Weather” Mess (Previous Version)”

  1. “Build intercity trunk lines to nearby satellite towns such as Zhuozhou and Langfang — new lines that call also at major settlements enroute. For suburbs and rural counties within the municipality of Beijing, build suburban rail (at 200-250 km/h standards) so that express commuter trains can travel during the daytime,”

    What should be the station distance for your 200/250 km/h suburban rail?

    On Beijing-Tianjin, there is only 1 daily non-express train. Number 6451, with 7 stops: Huangcun, Weishanzhuang, Anding, Langfang North, Laofa, Douzhangzhuang, Yangcun, Tianjin North.
    And these 133 km take 3:37 – average speed 37 km/h!
    It also is the only train per day – all other, even slow trains have at most 2 stops.

    Should all the said 7 stations have frequent rail service? And what should be a realistic train time Beijing-Tianjin North with those 7 stops?

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