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David Feng’s 28 November 2013 Announcement

(A more “personal” post about these changes, as announced below, will be published tonight at 22:00.)

After 12+ years in Beijing I am ready for the next level. I’d like to go to new destinations, get involved in new endeavours, and listen and share new stories.

These include, but are not limited, to:—

• continued residency in Beijing whilst also actively travelling outside the city and the country
• further academic involvements, especially for ones outside of Beijing
• continued independence from any kind of government work, especially of an official nature
• the realisation of a “bilingual China” and a “Chinese language environment overseas”
• writing more about China and introducing the country, uncut, from an independent point of view, to the outside world
• introducing the outside world to China from the point of view of an active international traveller
• improving education so that “force-fed teaching” is officially retired; and that students become active members with independent minds
• the sharing of stories with people local and global, in any form as appropriate

In layman’s terms:—

• I’m not going to absolutely chain myself to the Jing any more
• If and when needed I’ll get something as an “add-on” to my academic credentials; or teach in other places
• I’ll never get involved in government; I love being a private citizen
• Yes, locals need more English, and the world needs more Chinese
• I’d like to present a very unique, personal, and independent POV about China
• I’d also like to tell locals about the outside world — again in a very unique, personal and independent manner
• I’d like to let students swot less, learn “happier”, and think more
• I’d like to keep on sharing stories (this means: I am looking for more with regards to blogging, lecturing / taking part in seminars, public speaking, and hosting events and / or media shows)

Railway and Subway English commitments for China will continue.

Political, Religious, and Academic Impartiality (Neutrality) as defined…

For quite a long time, my impartial commitments (something I at times (incorrectly!) dubbed “neutralities”) were pretty vague. Most folks had no idea what I was on about. So here’s my explanation — just about finalised…

Political, religious, and academic impartiality (“neutrality”) explained by David Feng:—
• Don’t join or start a political party.
• Don’t join or start a religious organisation.
• Don’t hold stock in any publicly-traded commercial enterprise.

• It’s still OK to vote (beginning next year).
• It’s still OK to visit temples / churches / __________ as a tourist.
• It’s still OK to go to commercial enterprises and to buy stuff and / or to get served there.

A little “extra” regarding the commercial bit:
• Don’t hold top ranking roles of key importance in publicly-traded institutions where you holding such roles might cause you to hold conflicting identities in the commercial and academic worlds for as long as you are also employed by an academic institution.

NOTE: These rules are only my personal rules — they’re binding on no other individual. Probably “neutrality” here is an ill-defined term — look at them more as in “impartiality” or “non-participatory rules”.