David Feng’s 28 November 2013 Announcement

(A more “personal” post about these changes, as announced below, will be published tonight at 22:00.)

After 12+ years in Beijing I am ready for the next level. I’d like to go to new destinations, get involved in new endeavours, and listen and share new stories.

These include, but are not limited, to:—

• continued residency in Beijing whilst also actively travelling outside the city and the country
• further academic involvements, especially for ones outside of Beijing
• continued independence from any kind of government work, especially of an official nature
• the realisation of a “bilingual China” and a “Chinese language environment overseas”
• writing more about China and introducing the country, uncut, from an independent point of view, to the outside world
• introducing the outside world to China from the point of view of an active international traveller
• improving education so that “force-fed teaching” is officially retired; and that students become active members with independent minds
• the sharing of stories with people local and global, in any form as appropriate

In layman’s terms:—

• I’m not going to absolutely chain myself to the Jing any more
• If and when needed I’ll get something as an “add-on” to my academic credentials; or teach in other places
• I’ll never get involved in government; I love being a private citizen
• Yes, locals need more English, and the world needs more Chinese
• I’d like to present a very unique, personal, and independent POV about China
• I’d also like to tell locals about the outside world — again in a very unique, personal and independent manner
• I’d like to let students swot less, learn “happier”, and think more
• I’d like to keep on sharing stories (this means: I am looking for more with regards to blogging, lecturing / taking part in seminars, public speaking, and hosting events and / or media shows)

Railway and Subway English commitments for China will continue.

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