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Personal Schedule Adjustment

These adjustments are valid from 16:00 on 13 October 2013 as follows:—

1. David Feng’s Internet activities shall cease at 21:00 every day.

2. David Feng will not accept interviews of any kind after 19:00, and will not take part in speeches or hosted events, as well as non-essential activities of the Communication University of China, or of events in the Chinese railway system, which begin at 19:00.

3. Railway-related content by agreement to be posted to the official authorities and organisations shall be sent to such entities at 18:00.

4. David Feng will not take part in social activities which begin after 18:00, and will also not take part in dinners which end after 20:00. Should special cases warrant case-by-case specific permissions, these time limits may each be extended by one hour.

5. Events which fall outside the time limits shall be continued on the next day. If an event MUST involve David Feng at a time outside of the above limits, a specific application is necessary. This will have to be submitted to approval subject to procedures. If timing can be arranged, a notification of successful application will be given; otherwise, the applicant will be noted of the denial.

Thank you for your understanding.

A little note from David…

As of late, I’m suspending or toning down updates on Facebook, Twitter and Weibo, but the situation is a little different here on my official page. I own the entire “system” here (I don’t “own” Facebook, for example, but I do own this blog), so things are posted in full compliance with requirements as defined and hence I can still update here.

Let me just say that I’m happy to be giving the Chinese province of Shan-hsi a first visit by train. This will be the first time for me to head to the “coal province” and its provincial capital, T’ai-yüan. The trip from Peking (West) to T’ai-yüan will take 2 hours 30 minutes with a sole midway stop at Shikiachwang’s new train hub. The new HSR now offers you direct services to Hsi-an as well as major routes on the new Peking-Canton HSR route, with extended services to Shumchum.

The crossing today will go through the whole of the 28 km tunnel through the Taihang Mountains. While it isn’t as impressive in length as Japan’s Seikan or the Swiss St Gotthard Base Tunnel, it’s still the longest in the country. It’s amazing how some people here in China can just make a decision to drill a tunnel through the mountains, and make it just work — boom.

The deep freeze of North China is still with us — the Ta-Ning Reservoir just southwest of the main freeway toll gate in the southwestern suburbs is still frozen solid — but it’s loads better than what we had in Ha-erh-pin some time back. There, you had 20°C indoors, but a freezing -20°C outdoors! My nose had a bit of trouble in those arctic temps already…

Welcome — Make Yourself Feel Right At Home!

It’s here — after half a month of preparation, the new is with us now. There’s a bit of a difference between this and the old site at—

  • The site is now split by language. I know — on the old site, it was hard — you had chunks of English and Chinese mixed together, so you’d be excused if you felt a little dizzy at times. Now, all the content in English is on one site only.
  • More current posts faster. Except for major announcements, which will be posted in tandem in all major languages, all sites work basically on their own, so my posts in English will come a little sooner as there’s no need for real translation work.
  • More sharability. There are plans to add social networking links to even static posts and pages, so that the entire site will end up being sharable.

There’s a lot of content on this site, so I hope you can check this site first as a Read Me First with regards to what I do, what my interests are, and the link. Always contact me if you’ve a question, and I’ll be sure to respond. Enjoy and come back often!