Welcome — Make Yourself Feel Right At Home!

It’s here — after half a month of preparation, the new davidfeng.com is with us now. There’s a bit of a difference between this and the old site at davidfeng.me:—

  • The site is now split by language. I know — on the old site, it was hard — you had chunks of English and Chinese mixed together, so you’d be excused if you felt a little dizzy at times. Now, all the content in English is on one site only.
  • More current posts faster. Except for major announcements, which will be posted in tandem in all major languages, all sites work basically on their own, so my posts in English will come a little sooner as there’s no need for real translation work.
  • More sharability. There are plans to add social networking links to even static posts and pages, so that the entire site will end up being sharable.

There’s a lot of content on this site, so I hope you can check this site first as a Read Me First with regards to what I do, what my interests are, and the link. Always contact me if you’ve a question, and I’ll be sure to respond. Enjoy and come back often!

3 thoughts on “Welcome — Make Yourself Feel Right At Home!”

  1. WOW! Way to go! This is amazing. I plan to follow it and use it in my Chinese classes. Thanks, David. Truly glad to have met you.

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