Unhyped China, China City Directory, and More Planned for December 2014

I’m launching an entire content network which will also be partially centred on my ongoing research in media in China. All will launch in December 2014, ahead of an earlier scheduled date of January 2015.

  • Unhyped China will launch on 01 December 2014; on the same-day, I will also “soft-launch” the companion site, the China City Directory. Due to problems with the former Beijingology project, they will be “locked but regularly updated” wikis in the form of a regular WordPress blog. (What killed Beijingology was an eventual swarm of hackers that killed the network’s safety mechanisms.) The idea behind Unhyped China is that this is a site designed to inform you about “everything China” from a unique view, which is neither from government nor from “plain-vanilla” foreign media.
  • techblog86 features will launch on 08 December 2014, as well as key updates to the China-centric tech site. This will be very closely related to my China social media project.
  • The Chang’anjie Media Notebook and the associated remaining pages on will launch on 15 December 2014. This will form my personal centrepiece of my social media in China research project. At the same time, a new, similar-in-topic site will also launch; details are expected on this site soon.
  • Updates and improvements to my other blogs, including, That Building… and Chinglish Alert!, will all be completed by 22 December 2014.
  • Finally, the long-awaited relaunch of Tracking China is slated for 29 December 2014, as well as relatively complete content for the first-stage segments of the China City Directory.

Those who were previously familiar with the Beijingology project will find the train-related parts in Tracking China and everything else in the China City Directory.

No new blogs are expected to be launched in the forthcoming months, this being a lot of content planned already. There will also be updates planned with other sites I am working with, but which I do not own.

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