FYI: David Feng to “Self-Carbon Copy” All Sent Messages

Please be informed that, with immediate effect, David Feng will be sending all messages sent from his email accounts to a dedicated email inbox — sent at davidfeng dot com. (This will either be as a CC or a BCC recipient.)

This email account is under full control of David Feng — maximum measures are being taken to ensure that both this account is safe and that any impact to your privacy, especially those which may put you at a disadvantage, is kept to a minimum.

After Cablegate, Prism, and Heartbleed, the Internet is suddenly a much less safe than initially thought. However, please rest assured that David is doing his most to ensure that your messages are safe and the mere act of “self carbon-copying” messages to David’s sent-messages email inbox will not result in any spam or undesired messages as a result of this.

The reason this account is being set up is that David moves between different machines a lot, and so far it has been very difficult to synchronise sent boxes from David’s main accounts. Also, at times, previously sent messages have to be referred to. The presence of a “sent messages inbox” will solve any problems in referring to past communications.

Please do not write directly to this “sent messages inbox” — systems are being set up to automatically mark all sent messages as “read”.

David thanks you for your understanding, apologises in advance if this should cause you any inconvenience, and remains happy to hear from you via email.

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