Important Announcement to All Media / Interviewers

Please note that, in order for me to best time and organise your interview request, compulsory registration for media interviews will apply for interviews to be held on or after midnight on 03 December 2013. (You apply here online.)

This applies to all media. It applies equally to those affiliated with both the Communication University of China, as well as Chinese railways media. There are no exceptions — even if we’ve known each other for a fair bit, you still need to register. (Let’s actually not make it “that scary”: registration means I can actually remember your request — and makes it easier for us to finalised on a date, time, and venue. Your time is as important as mine!)

Important: This notice still will not apply for media interviews which occur during public events.

Registration isn’t really “that” per say. I would say the more proper term is “application”, in actual fact, since there are no scary-as-heck ID codes and passwords to be remembered.

Two other things to mention:–

  • You won’t probably be the only person with a microphone, as per arrangements, all interviews held on and after 04 November 2013 will also be taped by me. No, I am no secretive NSA agent(!), but this is mainly done as a backup solution. Let’s say your recorder gives up the ghost halfway through (I have had cases where dead batteries made microphones completely useless in a large class. Ack!). What a pain! You are saved, though: upon request, you may request the “known good copy” that I have. (This announcement also requires you to give permission that a copy of your final, published interview will be placed on this web site.)
  • You’ll need to ensure that the place you want to meet me isn’t somewhere I consider insecure or problematic — check the list (as per the 03 December 2013 announcement) and make sure you do not choose one of the above places.

Other than that, we should all be set for the interview. Oh, and by the way: I am free to interviews where multiple devices are used: you can use traditional notebooks, microphones / recorders, cameras and video cameras all at the same time and I’ll have no problems at all.

Thanks for your interest!

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