Some Things Will Change… Some Won’t…

As an academic, some things will change my end. Like I won’t be able to take a train when I want to from now. (Teaching commitments!) And I can’t spam you guys any more about my Subway adventures on Twitter.

But many things won’t. I’m no acadsnob. I’ll be a very different kind of academic. Like… (Read on for more…)

• I’ll still be tweeting and be posting on Facebook.
• I’ll still just ask you to call me David. (I’m thinking if I should throw letters address to an eventual “Prof Dr Feng” in the bin. Na-ah. But I don’t put on airs for the heck of it.)
• I’ll still have this thing for trains. It’s permanent. One big fat Beijing traffic jam did it for me.
• I’ll still be travelling — if not to libraries and universities, then overseas. There’s a whole African continent I’ve yet to set foot on, if you want an example of why.
• I’ll still be blogging and doing tech.
• I’ll still be doing media shows.
• I’ll still be doing Chinglish.
• I’ll still be writing books.
• I’ll still be emailing friends and getting back when I can to emails from total strangers.
• I’ll still be speaking at schools and at events.
• I’ll still be attending tweet ups.
• I’ll still kiss my wife good night every day.

I’m sure I haven’t exhausted this list…

That’s as I gratefully accept a job offer from the Communication University of China as foreign education expert (teacher) in English, Western culture, and media, beginning September 2012. I’m expected to be a Lecturer (Assistant Professor in the US).

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