What are these people searching for?

“Nutcase online.” I went through the logs on Raccolta Online and that was the Google search string one of those guys did to get to this blog.

I’m actually pleased the guy managed to get in here when he was looking for nutcases online… you know, this blog is alive, unlike the 7 o’clock news here in Beijing that are sure to bore you to death. “X and Y met with President Z from the Republic of Ps and Qs”… you know, the stuff that’s really supposed to get you excited. (An immortal Jose quip of “sarcastic bastard” here kind of makes it all fitting. Jose from 8th Grade — you there?)

I’m not commenting on those people who stumble upon this site via Google. Heck, back about six years ago, I put up a website with a page called “Bomb Shelter” because we Mac users back then had system errors with the famous “bomb icon” (in Mac jargon, we say “My Mac just bombed” when we actually mean that our Macs went south), and the “Bomb Shelter” was supposed to tell you how to repair your troublesome Mac. Someone actually did a search (I think on Google) for something like “UN bomb shelter” and stumbled upon my then-Mac site!

Are we going to get the guys from the UN Weapons Inspection team onto this blog next?

You know, this blog has seen better/worse days. Sometime ago, some guy thought this site was some kind of CCTV-endorsed talk show. (I say that because one of those WordPress control panel links in the “incoming links section” showed me a link with the words “CCTV TALK SHOW!”) All I want to say is that — you know, CCTV is far from being as — “nutcase” — as this site is.

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