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Little note about adding Friends…

9 December 2009 at 10:11

…I check all Friends applications as on this site I have “sensitive information”. No, nothing reactionary, just that I’ve my phone number and stuff…

…which really doesn’t bother me a lot. But there’s something to be said about “SPAMMERS”, who’ll gladly fill on that bit of info and wake me up at 1:45 AM…

Here’s the deal: I add:

  • EVERYONE who writes me a message telling me where they met me

  • people I *might* know with 6 or more mutual friends
  • people with 15 or more mutual friends in any case (special exceptions are special cases)

I might, at times, just simply ask you “hey there —who do you know me from”? Don’t become all scared and feel like this is the Department of National Security breathing down you… I just want to know that our ties are real, legit and that there’s none of this spamming between us.

Sound cool? :-)