No sleep, no surprise

I think I’m the worst enemy of planes in terms of sleeping mileage. To me, slumberettes are nothing but things they charge an extra thousand bucks, since to me I get no mileage out of them.

I seem to be the natural enemy of sleep. I spend nights up till 3 AM tearing down freeways in SimCity and replacing them with monorails. I actually do live rebroadcasts and translations of Keynotes (Stevenotes), keeping me up until 5 AM.

This extremely David Feng practice of fly-and-don’t-sleep kind of shocked the flight attendants, who weren’t used to the concept of sleepless first-class passengers. That’s because what powers David Feng isn’t an ordinary PC — it’s a first-of-the-class Mac. David Feng doesn’t sleep on planes.

He gets productive. :-)

Now: TEA ATTACK! Can’t sleep for at least 11 hours… ;-)

PS: After a quick chat with the stewardess, turns out I found out the reason for my anti-sleep attitude: I hated midday naps since… what, 1986. It’s 20 years without the dreaded midday nap and counting!

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