20 years ago, David Feng coded his first Internet presence, and delivered his first public speech. These two events now form part of the David Feng DNA as never before.

From coding a black-and-white only site in HTML, to perfecting his own site using the latest Web technologies; from addressing an audience of 200 at a local city hall, to sharing the stage on TEDx and other events in front of up to thousands, it has been all about continuing onwards in fulfilling his passion. Now, David and family continue ▶onward into the next 20 years and beyond.

Relive the moments and read into David’s newest plans as he continues ▶onward.

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20 年前,冯琰发表了他的第一版互联网网站,并做了人生第一次公共演讲。到了今天,这两个元素已固为冯琰元素,已成为他生活固有的一部分,

从“纯黑白”环境用 HTML 代码编程,直到使用最新一代互联网科技的现今版本网站;从在 200 多人前演讲,直到千人前的活动主持,从学校活动直到 TEDx 大会… 这一切都和冯琰正在不断接受挑战,超越自己,充满激情面向今后的挑战密切有关。

▶onward 的中文意思就是“向前看,往前进”。过去 20 年的精彩,必定会被今后 20 年,甚至于更久的时间,被超越,但是最初的梦想还是 20 年之前的那些梦,那些“故事从这里开始”的时刻、地方。

欢迎大家和冯琰一起回顾过去 20 年的精彩时刻。