I’m active on LinkedIn and have a Premium account (but to keep it low-key, you won’t see the “golden In icon”). I do take OpenLink and InMail messages, although I only respond if a live, breathing human who is not interested in spamming / scamming me actually sent me the message! (Messages offering me financial services are automatically ignored.)

Out of all of my network presences, LinkedIn is the most “professional”. Which means you’ll see many more links which are about the media in China, academic matters, or general business. For any of my famed train updates I refer you to my presences on Twitter and Facebook.


(Some of these have been explained already on my post about this in spring 2014.)

  • Who do I link up with? If we’ve talked online and / or offline, you’re in. BTW: I don’t go after random folks or people whom the last time I linked up was more than probably 5 years ago, unless we really worked together.
  • Who do I endorse? Anyone in my network whom I know is doing things. I endorse you for what I know you’re up to: I don’t endorse “at random”, so if you’re into the media, I probably won’t endorse you for fine cuisine unless you’re also a cook.
  • Who do I recommend? People I know who have worked together with me on one or more projects. And by that I mean we would have to have talked more than once per week whilst working on the project.
  • What do I share? Anything social media / general media / tech / general China-related. If I find it’s cool, it’s an auto Like. I also post announcements of press / general public events related to me.
  • What do I like? To give those connected to me a sign of support and friendship, I generally Like in particular employment-related updates, especially those close and known to me.
  • What are those stats? These are my live mileages and numbers (updated once every 10 days or so). When it comes to my professional “title / tagline” on LinkedIn, I find that numbers do the talking much better than boring job titles.
  • What’s missing? LinkedIn is going to be notoriously free of my train tweets. And for professional networks, that’s probably a good thing. Last thing you want is for your equivalent of the timeline there to be flooded with my updates about what station my train’s stopping at next…